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16 october 2021                  318892
"KazETU- one family" ecological day

The main reason for everything that concerns the environment is the low culture and understanding of people. In particular, indifference, irresponsibility. There is a lack of environmental education in the formation of civic duty for the state of the environment, in familiarization with the preservation of the environment, native land, nature. In order to strengthen and form the knowledge of the ecological state of the environment and ways of protecting it, ecological, aesthetic education, instilling in the young generation who believe in the future of our country, the Kazakhstan University of Engineering and Technology organized the Ecology Day "ECO DAY".

First of all, it is necessary to promote the correct formation of the ecological culture of young people. It is necessary to indicate the direction and give an opportunity for the development of the youth environmental movement. It should provide an opportunity through environmental education and upbringing. Only then we will be able to become "Mangilik El". One of the main ways to solve this situation is environmental education and upbringing. Today we were lucky enough to work on the formation of an elementary household and industrial ecological culture and the correct attitude of the population to the world, especially the younger generation!

The environmental day organized by the "Committee for Youth Affairs" began with a concert program. Students showed their numbers, sang songs, danced. The action was attended by teachers and students of the university and college. All participants cleared the territory of the academic building and adjacent to the dormitory. Then the participants of the event competed in game sports, were awarded prizes, and after working together, teachers and students were provided with free hot meals.

Man is a child of nature. There should be a civic duty in the hearts of every person, to instill a sense of caring for nature, kindness. Let our health be strong, and let us pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment!