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24 march 2021                  318879
Results of the 10 days of festivities "Mereyli Nauryz, Zhangyra ber!"

March 14 - "Korisu kuni"

On this day people congratulate each other with the first day of the ulus and congratulate with the forthcoming holiday. "These words are used to congratulate people on the New Year and to embrace each other. It is the day when people who were at odds with each other apologize to each other and become closer to each other.

As part of the Nauryz Meiramy celebration, every organization and educational institution welcomes visitors with national dishes and plays Kazakh folk instruments before the start of work.

At KazETU College, according to tradition, they were dressed in national costumes, and as the workday began, teachers and students met each other and said hello. Kazakhs expected Nauryz as a period of "Zhuannyn zhinishkerin, zhinishkenin uziler".They treated each other with national dishes and wished each other prosperity. We wish that there were more such holidays.

March 15 - "Zhailau kuni"

Life surrounded by nature has become part of the nomadic Kazakh worldview. Therefore, it is important to spend one day in nature to preserve creation. It promotes development of ecological, intellectual consciousness and improves health of young generation.

On this day, people clean the premises, offices of institutions, sweep the sites, clear them of snow and garbage. On the eve of this day, college students cleaned their offices, planted flowers and decorated them as part of the Day of Nature. Among them, students of Kazakh and Russian groups, students of "TaOPFE" group planted flowers, celebrated the Day of Nature. They forgave offenses, invited each other to visit. There was an idea of a simultaneous charitable action of all teams of institutions "planting trees" and the organization of challange on social networks "1 tree near each house".

March 17 - "Tarikhka tagzim etu kuni"

In order to inculcate teenagers and children of school age with national values, their education in the national spirit, as well as instilling love for their country and history, the college students visit national, historical, local history, art and military museums.

This year in honor of 175 anniversary of Zhambyl Zhabayev's birth there was an essay contest among college students devoted to the poet's creative work. There were also open lessons dedicated to the 310th anniversary of Abylai Khan, as well as a review of history among students.

At the beginning of the last century there were famous figures of Alash, who contributed greatly to the popularization of the ideas of independence among the population, who became victims on the way of liberation and who showed an advanced example of service to the country. Special meetings were also held to

commemorate the 100th anniversary of the disaster of 1921-1922, the famine that forced the people to relocate to other places.

March 18 - "Igі іster kuni"

On this day, everyone does one good deed if possible. Various events are held with the participation of volunteers. There are clean-ups with the participation of a large mass of the population.

During the decade of Nauryz Meiramy support of needy families, assistance to children deprived of parental care and low-income families is provided. Wealthy people distribute products to needy families in the form of "Zhurek zhyluy", "Nauryz dastarkhan".

The staff of KazETU College also engaged in charity by doing good deeds on the "Day of Good Deeds". They helped low-income families.

March 19 - "Shymyrlyk pen sheberlik kuni"

This day of the decade of Nauryz celebration was dedicated to national sport. In the field, hippodromes organize kokpar for adults, baiga, kyz kuu, zhamby atu, and audaryspak. However, many activities have been postponed due to the worldwide epidemic. Nevertheless, taking into account the distance, observing all sanitary requirements, in connection with this day of sports in KazETU gym, in order to implement the concept of the President of RK K.Tokayev and the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, competitions in volleyball among teachers and students were held. Three teams took part in the competition.

March 20 - "Ziyatkerlik kuni"

On this day, in order to develop the intellectual potential and intelligence of children proverbs, proverbs, riddles, sayings, excerpts from epics and bylinas were sounded. In addition, in libraries, youth centers and educational organizations, among adolescents and young people organized competitions, intellectual contests and meetings with the participation of people of different professions.

In this connection among the teachers and students of KazETU college was a lecture on "Basics of modern network technologies" in the specialty "Radio electronics and communications". The lecture, organized by Baglan Shakhapuly, teacher of special disciplines of the college, was delivered by Azat Zhankozha, the youngest Network Engineer ICT Expert HCIE R&S in Kazakhstan. During the lecture, students were told how to get the job in foreign companies (CISCO, HUAWEI, JUNIPER, MIKROTIK) and what certificates are necessary for this. In addition, he introduced the company HUAWEI, talked about the ongoing work, and informed the students.

March 21 - "Ulttyk tagamdar kuni"

On this day on tables of each house national dishes are prepared. Many dishes from the Kazakh menu are prepared. According to ethnographers there are more than 200 kinds of national Kazakh cuisine. They teach the methods of cooking forgotten dishes.

Yurts will be erected in the settlements, national games and festivities will be staged, and Nauryz kozhe will be handed out. The ethno-festival "Qymizmurindyk" will also be held. It is necessary to hold a parade of dishes, organize a square of Nauryz kozhe and baursak.

Teachers of KazETU college held a chellenge on national cookery. The challenge consisting of different dishes turned out to be unusual and interesting, in a new format.

March 22 - "Ulystyn uly kuni".

At sunrise there is a 10-hour event "Bastangy", where everyone welcomes the sunrise. On this day, festivities will be organized in special places. Then the mass celebration turns into a marching parade. On the stage will be theatrical performances, a concert program of local artists of the city and the region, there will be competitions in national sports and street circus program. Due to the global epidemic, this festive event was organized for each family in their home. Nauryz kozhe was prepared and celebrated with family traditions in a fun atmosphere.