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15 november 2021                  319009
Conducted a laboratory lesson

The 4th year students of KazETU College majoring in Food Production Technology conducted practical, laboratory classes. Our students improve their theoretical knowledge in the production shop. When our students take an internship, they study the complete technological scheme of cooking, hone their knowledge, fix it on paper wherever they want. They not only learn as an experience, but also use what they study in their scientific work and use it in the future.

It is known that human nutrition directly affects his health. Therefore, students are looking in this direction and produce healthy food. Also, products manufactured in the laboratory are on sale in the university student dormitory. Students and teachers buy it. Isn't it a joy for a student to combine the knowledge he has gained with experience, to intervene early in the labor front, to make optimal use of what he has read, to do what the teacher sees in the forge? This process is implemented by advanced students of the educational institution.