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11 march 2022                  318889
Biotechnology is a branch of the entire science


Currently, as in any other science, biotechnology is rapidly developing, reaching successful heights. The main feature of the development of biotechnology as a science in the 21st century is its rapid growth in the form of applied science. It is also worth noting that the food biotechnology industry is currently developing rapidly. With the help of food biotechnology, beer, wine, alcohol, bread, vinegar, fermented milk products, smoked and smoked meat products and other products are obtained. In addition, food biotechnology for the production of compounds and substances used in the food industry: these are citric, lactic and other organic acids; enzyme preparations of various actions proteolytic, amylolytic, cellulite; amino acids and other dietary and biologically active additives are used, etc. That is, biotechnology has already penetrated into all spheres of human life and contributes to the development of many economic sectors. In a word, biotechnology contributes to the economically and socially efficient growth of the country.

Review of the educational program "Biotechnology" Director General of the Research and Production Center "Microbiology and Virology", Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, academician, 2nd laureate of the State Prize in the field of science and technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan, knight of the Order "Kurmet" and "Parasat" Sadanov Amangeldy Kurbanovich, who noted that the implemented educational program corresponds to the current for industry, laboratories, research and educational institutions.

According to this educational program, the university also has a master's degree. Students and undergraduates studying under this educational program are engaged not only in educational, but also in scientific work in the modern laboratory building "Laboratory of Food and Processing Industries", "Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Quality Research", scientific research center of Ecology and agro-innovation". There are joint laboratories between our university and Industrial Microbiology, which all students and undergraduates have access to.